Battlegrounds joins forces with Solana Labs to work on games and services based on blockchain technology

Last month krafton announced that he intends to create an NFT metaverse with the help of Naver Z in order to build a virtual world where users will be able to interact with other people with unique 3D avatars. So, in order to go even further with this idea, has now joined Solana Labs.

The creators of PUBG: Battlegrounds have closed a commercial agreement with this company to support the design and marketing of games and services based on blockchain technology. They claim that Solana is the world’s highest performing decentralized blockchain, built to enable easy-to-use and scalable applications for everyone.

The purpose of the agreement that has been established is to maintain a long-term relationship to develop games and services based on blockchain and NFT, so that the two companies will work side by side to produce this type of experiencein addition to committing to cooperate in investment opportunities.

I have spent the night looking for how NFTs and the blockchain can improve the world of videogames: I have only found money and speculation

Hyungchul Park, leader of the Web 3.0 division at Krafton, wanted to make clear how the union with Solana Labs will serve to strengthen your plans in this field:

Krafton will continually look for more ways to work closely with blockchain companies like Solana Labs as we work to establish our Web 3.0 ecosystem. As one of the best global high-performance blockchains with strength in high speed and low fees, Solana represents the best of the Web 3.0 ecosystem and its technologies. Through this cooperation, Krafton will acquire the necessary information to accelerate its investment and production of blockchain-based experiences.

For his part, Johnny Lee, director of commercial game development at Solana Labs, has stated that he is excited about this collaboration for develop experiences that the community is requesting:

We are excited about Krafton’s commitment to building the future of gaming at Solana. Krafton is an innovative company that has established itself in the video game industry and we are excited to be a part of its next level. We are seeing more and more gamers seeking out gaming on-chain and game companies that respond quickly to that demand will be poised for continued success.

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