This Nintendo Switch controller is so cheap that it can be yours for less than 20 euros

It is an ergonomic control, ideal for playing for many hours in a row.

If you usually connect your Nintendo Switch to the television when playing games, then it is highly recommended to use another controller other than the one that comes with the console. While there is the official Switch Pro controller, there are other options that are much cheaper. Without going any further, the control PowerA Wired Controller White Matte it can be yours for just over 15 euros. Yes, you read it right. said command It is on sale on Amazon and is priced at 17.30 euros (13% discount).

If you are looking for a control without great pretensions, but that is comfortable, with good finishes and have official nintendo license, here you have one that fulfills all this. It is available in many colors. However, the price may vary depending on the color, white being the cheapest. On the other hand, and of course, you will have to give up some features that the Nintendo Pro controller has.

A basic control that measures up

This PowerA controller is white with gray details. The button layout is standard and features Home, Capture, + and – buttons. could not miss the 3.5mm jack for connecting a headset. Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that includes a 3 meter USB cable which is accompanied by a velcro strap. The cable is removable.

This Nintendo Switch controller has an official license and a scandalous price

The PowerA controller has been designed for Nintendo Switch and works without batteries

For the price it has, and as I said before, it does not have certain features that are present in other more expensive controllers. For example, it is not a wireless controller, nor does it have vibration or a gyroscope. PowerA has had to dispense with these functions to lower costs.

This PowerA remote is an affordable and good quality solution for all those who are not willing to make a larger outlay when buying a controller. This model more than complies and is perfect for long gaming sessions.

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