Fortnite raises 50 million dollars to help Ukraine in just three days… and the campaign has only just begun

Throughout these last few weeks we have seen several video game companies that have wanted to show their support for Ukraine after the invasion by the Russian army. One of the last that wanted to join this initiative was Epic Games, confirming your commitment from donate all profits that generates Fortnite for help for the Ukrainian people.

In this way, the company announced that it will allocate all the income obtained by the popular Battle Royale until April 3. Moreover, during its first 24 hours 36 million dollars were obtained, but since then the number has not stopped growing to the point that they have already raised over $50 million.

A real barbarity the figures that this campaign is reaching, which has only been active for three days. AND there are still 11 more days to goso it is very likely that the number will increase considerably between now and next week.

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All the money obtained will go specifically to organizations that are providing emergency aid, such as health and legal assistance, food, clean water, essential supplies, and shelter. Thus, everyone who wants to contribute their grain of sand must purchase paVos packs, sign up for the Fornite Club, buy battle passes and also cosmetic packs.

Mykhailo Fedorovthe deputy prime minister of Ukraine, wanted to take the opportunity to pronounce on the matter of this news, thanking Epic Games for understanding that people’s lives are not a game and also for supporting the country in such a crucial moment as the one that, unfortunately, it is having to live.

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