Forspoken shows what its battles full of spells and effects will be like in a six-minute gameplay

It still takes a few months for Forspoken to go on sale in stores, especially after it was confirmed that its arrival was delayed until October. However, the portal Game Informer You won’t have to wait until then to give it a try, because you’ve been able to get a taste of what’s new from Luminous Productions and Square Enix.

This has allowed him to publish an extensive gameplay dedicated entirely to gameplaymore specifically the fight against the enemies and monsters that will inhabit the world of Athia, a place that Frey Holland, our heroine, will have the mission of saving if she wants to find a way to return home.

As they tell us in the video, animals and other beings have been corrupted, as well as the different regions. Depending on how corrupt they are, their appearance will change completely to a more metallic one, but this will also cause them to become more savage, so our young protagonist will have to make use of a wide range of spells to finish off their enemies.

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This will leave us with magic of all kinds with action-packed combat, although this will be slowed down when assigning the different spells. What will not be missing of course is the festival of effects that will be everywhere when we attack our adversaries, among which there will be some in the form of zombies and also mini-bosses that will make us work even harder to eliminate them.

If all this leaves you wanting more, you will have no choice but to find patience wherever you can, because the launch of forspoken is expected for October 11th on PS5 and PC.

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