Binamon will publish its first game “Play To Earn” on August 28

Binamon has announced its first play to earn for the August 28, 2021. With much anticipation in the market and with Binamon NFTs selling for $50,000, the project seems destined to break records.

Binamon is the gem the cryptocurrency world has been waiting for in the play to earn games section – A new game that combines big wins with a focus on quality. On the 28th of August, Binamon will release its fantastic new game which will be easy and rewarding for the users. The company hopes to reach millions of players around the world.

Major influencers from around the world have already tested the game and given it a rating of 8.5/10for a blockchain game this rating puts the game on par with Axies Infinity but with a market cap of $15,000,000.

Many users have already embraced the “play to earn” fever, which allows you to earn between 5 and 90 dollars a day playing video games, an incredible phenomenon that only blockchain technology allows. The Binamon game combines adventure, speed and skill in an immersive journey where the player must kill monsters. Each monster is destroyed using a specific combination of items. When a monster dies, the player receives a reward, and these rewards can be redeemed for real money, with players earning higher and higher rewards as they progress through the game.

Binamon NFT

In order to play, the player must have an NFT monster. Unlike Axies, the amount of Binamon in circulation is very low, as every time an NFT is created, these tokens are burned, and the fixed supply of the coin keeps scarcity high.

Currently, more than half of NFTs have been created, so with a deflationary system, the long-term value of the BMON token and NFTs should increase. Some NFTs from the Binamon universe have sold for over $50,000and this is because more powerful monsters generate better rewards for their owners.

Without a doubt, it is the perfect combination of fun and benefit, and it seems to be the game that the market has been waiting for. Created entirely in the unreal enginein partnership with one of Europe’s biggest gaming companies, Catness Game Studios, the first game in the Binamon metaverse is set to break records in lockdown.

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