The ‘Elden Ring’ phenomenon analyzed: why do we like to die so much in video games? | Videos

A hostile world, in ruins and ruled by rotten and decaying deities. It could be an image of leaving a nightclub at six in the morning, but no. It’s a video game and it’s dominating the conversation on social networks. Elden Ring is a third-person medieval fantasy role-playing video game. EL PAÍS analyzes the cultural phenomenon that it has become in the video that accompanies this news item.

This is the culmination of the saga. souls, by Japanese designer Hidetaka Miyazaki. your video game Dark Souls (2011) became the most copied and the most influential of the past decade. It marked an era for its tremendous level design and aesthetics, which turn a medieval fantasy game into another of cosmic horror.

In the video that accompanies this news, the video game specialist from EL PAÍS, Jorge Morla, explains:

– The keys of Elden Ring.

– The evolution of the saga designed by the Japanese Hidetaka Miyazaki.

– Why do players like its high level of difficulty so much?

– Why does it work so well among the community of streamers and professional players.

– The famous screenwriter and writer who has participated in the narrative of the video game.

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