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One of Remedy Entertainment’s most beloved and highly rated works until the arrival of Control is Alan Wake. Since its premiere in the distant 2010 As a timed exclusive for Xbox 360 we kept begging for a sequel, because writer Alan’s story was so much more. However, the Finnish studio only accompanied it with the digital spin-off Alan Wake: American’s Nightmare.

Luckily, at the last gala of the Game Awards 2021 the long-awaited news: there will be Alan Wake II. So let’s review everything we know about this sequel, while remembering the origins of its past and other details.

Why Remedy Games Divide People So Much

Alan Wake 2: launch on PC and consoles

Since its official presentation last December 2021, Remedy has made it clear that Alan Wake II will be released in 2023 and it will do so exclusively on new generation systems, so PS4 and Xbox One are left out.

Therefore, its launch will take place only in PS5 and Xbox Seriesseeing how the chosen service for PC keeps it Epic Games with your Store.

News regarding its development

Alan Wake 2

Contrary to what it may seem, Remedy Entertainment has not just started the development of the sequel recently, but rather it is a project that emerged almost a decade ago, shortly after launching the first Alan Wake on Xbox 360 and PC. And it is that as we learned about those, the project ended up being discarded… although the idea was never definitively cancelled. In fact, Sam Lakecreative director and visible head of Remedy, dropped that it could be rescued in the future.

And on the occasion of this confirmation, he has expressed the following:

It’s no secret that we’ve passionately pursued the opportunity to return to the Alan Wake story for years. All that hard work has brought us here. The stars have aligned. Now it’s coming to fruition, and we know the community is just as excited as we are to see how the next chapter of Alan Wake unfolds.

Good fault that it is now a reality has to do with Epic Games, which will be the company in charge of publishing it and we already know how well he is doing with his own official store (Epic Games Store), to the point of removing the foundations of the once untouchable Valve with Steam. Your best weapons? Increased profit for developers and offer 100% free games every week.

But back to Alan Wake 2It cannot be forgotten that Microsoft Game Studios was behind the 2010 original, until Remedy took over its editor duties with its PC version. And it cannot be ignored that Epic Games was in charge of publishing its recent remastering. It was, without a doubt, what set the alarm bells ringing about its probable sequel months before it became official. And it came with a series of exclusive secrets, eye.

And when will we have more news of its development? This same summer.

Unforgettable moments of the past generation: the concert scene in Alan Wake

Remedy Entertainment’s first survival horror

Alan Wake 2

As much as at first Alan Wake is included within the genre of survival horror, technically it was a psychological thriller. Remedy herself recognizes it, without going any further. In addition, from his team they emphasize that Alan Wake 2 will be his first survival-horror. And this will allow them to “immerse themselves more than ever in the construction of an intense atmosphere and a twisted and psychological story.”

Yes, this sequel will not deny that facet to play with our minds, something that is evident in its only (for now) presentation video, with an apparently calm image of the town to become ostensibly darker.

Another Alan Wake without a flashlight could not be missing, In other words. Apart from that if we think of one of the masters of terror such as Silent Hill, that element has always been present to put us in tension, despite the fact that in Konami’s work the sound factor has weighed much more in that overwhelming immersion.

It remains to be seen what kind of dangers we will face on this occasion, being for now an unknown if those dark nightmares that will have to be weakened first with our flashlight will return… Remedy did refer to a somewhat ambiguous phrase in his presentation , the one that “monsters have many faces”, so anything can happen coming from Alan Wake or Mr. Squeaks.

Gameplay: How will Alan Wake 2 play?

Alan Wake 2

Having not yet seen a video with gameplay of Alan Wake 2 it’s hard to know what this sequel will be like when it comes to gameplay. However, Héctor Sánchez, head of Epic Games Publishing, has commented on the following:

Alan Wake 2 continues the tradition of a highly atmospheric and emotionally evocative story intertwined with riveting gameplay, while reaching new heights that only they could achieve. We couldn’t be more proud to help bring Sam and the team’s vision to light.

It does not seem that it is going to be continuous in relation to control, but that we will see news about it when it comes to handling Alan. And who knows, maybe a more open world without as many restrictions as the original due to that television format inherited from proposals such as Twin Peaks or X Filestwo of the works in which Remedy was most inspired to create Alan Wakewithout a doubt.

Where there will be no possible discussion is in relation to its graphic jump, being the first new generation Alan Wake. And surely you will know how to play like few others with light effects, as it is one of its most recognizable elements. There surely the ray tracing will give us pictures in which to rub our eyes to know if we are facing a dream… or a nightmare. In the good sense of the word, of course.

Game Awards Presentation Trailer

Ultimately, you’ll have to see jump to survival horror by Alan Wake II and as an evolution to the psychological thriller that marked us from the first adventure. The wait until 2023 to play it on PC, PS5 or Xbox Series is going to be very tense…

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