New release on the play to earn game market: “Crypto Kombat”

Crypto Kombat has been around for a while, but has only recently unveiled its “play to earn” gameplay model for its card game.

This new game model turns Crypto Kombat into the latest cryptocurrency game release available to gamers.

The card game has also revealed details about its business model, as well as the mechanics of the NFT game.

Crypto Kombat” Joins “Play to Earn” Games List

Crypto Kombat unveiled its business model and game mechanics, making the card game a the latest crypto game to venture into the NFT model.

Crypto Kombat players will have to “stake KOMBAT tokens to unlock in-game abilities, while also earning VOMBAT tokens for in-game purchases.” For now, players can only wager KOMBAT tokens.

Special tokens can also be won by staking so-called IpKOMBAT tokens from the liquidity pool in Crypto Kombat.

Crypto Kombat NFT Cards

“Users could then use their purchased VOMBAT tokens to purchase NFT cards, each based on crypto events or famous people in the blockchain space,” the article adds.

These NFT cards are used in battles where players can challenge other players. Challenges cost money and earn players VOMBAT tokens.

Loot boxes are also an important part of “Crypto Kombat” and players can find items that can upgrade their heroes’ NFT cards.


The concept of KOMBAT and VOMBAT tokens can be confusing to new players, so it’s important to know the difference.

According to the Crypto Kombat Medium website, the KOMBAT token, also known as KOMBAT ERC20, is the “heart of the game.” This token is traded on Uniswap and SushiSwap and a version of it, BEP20, is listed on PancakeSwap.

KOMBAT tokens can be used to buy special items, unlock battle mode and aim to receive VOMBAT tokens.

VOMBAT tokens, meanwhile, are used to unlock player character cards and battles. It is only used to hit NFT cards.

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