Godfall will make the leap to more platforms and will reach Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and Steam with its Ultimate Edition

One of the video games that went on sale the same day as PS5 was Godfall. Since then, the Counterplay Games and Gearbox game has been exclusive to PlayStation on consoles and the Epic Games Store in its PC version, but that will end very shortly after it has been announced that it will make the leap to Xbox SeriesX/S, Xbox One and Steam.

will be the next April 7 when the looter-slasher will go on sale in all these systems with its ultimate editionthe most complete of all that it has received so far, since it will include each and every one of the DLCs that it has received so far.

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Specifically, you will have access to the entire campaign of the main story, the Fire & Darkness expansion and some cosmetic packs to change the armor of your characters. In addition, it will also have all updates and improvements that have been published throughout this time in order to enjoy the definitive experience from the first day.

On godfall The action takes place in the kingdom of Aperion, a once majestic place now on the verge of ruin. It is at this moment that a group of knights equipped with the legendary armor Valorplatesthe only ones capable of facing powerful enemies and Macros, the mad god and cause of all this chaos.

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