Don’t miss the presale of “Sushiverse”, new NFT game

“Sushiverse”, the upcoming NFT game, will pre-order NFTs called “sushi” on September 4.

“Sushiverse” NFT presale will include a collection of 10,000 sushi NFTs priced at 0.059 ETH. These sushi NFTs will give their owners some very cool perks, as Sushiverse prepares to launch its game soon.

Sushiverse NFT presale

The “Sushiverse” presale will take place on September 4. It will kick off at 10 p.m. ET and be open for 12 hours, according to the Sushiverse Twitter account. Those interested in participating in the presale are invited to join their Discord channel.

Source: Instagram

The pre-sale will include the 10,000 “best dressed sushi in town (Ethereum Blockchain) generated programmatically, with a touch of attitude; brought to you by Sushiverse – the magical land of fragrant rice, fresh seafood, wasabi and all that good stuff,” according to the “Sushiverse” website.

These sushi NFTs will give their owners exclusive benefits from the “Sushiverse”such as early access and unlocking perks for the next NFT game.

Upcoming NFT Game “Sushiverse” Generation 2

If you think these 10,000 sushi NFTs are all there is to the “Sushiverse”, nothing could be further from the truth, there are plenty more in store for anyone interested in these quirky NFTs.

In fact, “Sushiverse” Gen 2 NFTs will be released and anyone with Gen 1 NFTs “will be able to claim their Gen 2 Sushiverse NFTs,” according to the website.

Fans of the “Sushiverse” can also look forward to the merch store. This store will sell products such as hoodies, caps, limited edition t-shirts, etc.

All these elements make up the introduction of the so-called “sushi metaverse”. The developer will share the design and concept of this interesting NFT game with the community.

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