Get Even is temporarily free in its PC version on Steam. Download it and keep it forever

Interesting promotion that has just left us by surprise Bandai Namco, because through its official website gives us the opportunity to free download Get Even in its PC version through Steam, so that as soon as you claim your copy, it will be yours forever.

To do this you have to access the link that we have previously indicated, register with your Bandai Namco account and link it with the one you have on Steam. After that you will receive the code in question to get the title, although you will only have time to acquire it until March 21.

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On Get Event Our protagonist is Black, a mercenary and hit man who, without knowing why, wakes up in an abandoned and most sinister psychiatric hospital. Red, his anonymous captor, will be in charge of guiding him through a kind of treatment using a special technology: a helmet that allows relive memories and experience them in the present.

Traveling to the depths of his mind, he discovers the rescue attempt of a teenage girl who has a bomb strapped to her chest. From that moment she will do everything possible to look for answers before going crazy and thus avoid at all costs that this asylum ends with him.

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