This is what the new Netflix animated series based on the legendary fighting saga looks like

Netflix adds and continues and does not stop giving content to those who are passionate about video games. A month after premiering the Cuphead series, the streaming video titan presents Tekken: Bloodline, the new animation project based on Bandai Namco’s fighting saga. The umpteenth excuse for the Mishima clan to resolve their unfinished business with epic smackdowns.

The Tekken saga debuted in arcades in 1994 and it didn’t take long for it to make the leap to consoles. However, the story on which the series will revolve will be based on the protagonist of the highly acclaimed third installment, Jin Kazama, showing us scenes from his past, his training in the Kazama Ko-Ryu style and his complex relationship with Heihachi Mishimawhich will receive you in true Mishima style: with a good punch.

The amazing evolution of the kings of the fight: from the decline of the classic sprite in the arcades to the great online tournaments

For its part, the official synopsis of the series is quite brief but it does not need to contribute more either to the fan of Tekken nor to the general public:

After losing everything to the attack of a powerful enemy, young Jin Kazama hates his helplessness and seeks absolute strength to consummate his revenge.

Along with Jin Kazama, in the trailer we are shown other very recognizable fighters such as Ogre, Paul Phoenix, Ganryu, King or a Leroy Smith which joined the Iron Fist saga very late as DLC from Tekken 7. It will be very interesting to see how his presence fits into the game’s plot puzzle that has been taking shape for almost three decades.

Netflix rounds out its catalog of video game series for 2022

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Tekken: Bloodline It is Netflix’s first foray into the Bandai Namco saga, although it had already been adapted to the small screen on several occasions. And, although the combats and the plot itself are the two great claims, its visual style does not go unnoticed, opting for digital animation with anime finishes. Something more and more recurrent (we will also see it in the next film of Dragon Ball Super) and that the video platform itself defines as anime in cel shading.

It is clear that the chosen artistic section or animation can be liked to a greater or lesser extent, something must be conceded to Tekken: Bloodline: The movements and blows of the video games have been beautifully replicated in the footage already shown. A point in your favor.

Both the trailer and the first official poster, which you can see just below, summon us to this same year for the series premiere. Luckily there are many video game events and fighting titles closing their calendar with a view to next summer. Maybe in the next EVO where Tekken 7 is your place guaranteed?


For its part, Netflix gives more and more margin to video games in its catalog of own productions: it practically announces a new adaptation every month and it is getting the point of bringing successful titles to its platform. He hit Arcane, he hit Cupheadwas right with Castlevania and, despite the fact that it sometimes slips, it has made us lose our fear of adaptation announcements.

The next date? Resident Evil will try its luck again with the live action series next july 14. And the truth is that the bar is quite easy to overcome. Although we will not be surprised if a surprise premiere appears inspired by the heroes of the consoles, the arcades will be on PC between now and the end of spring.

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