Game Pass comes to Steam Deck thanks to the Edge browser on Linux

Steam Deck is already in the hands of some of the players who reserved Valve’s Pocket PC which, as you know, has an operating system called SteamOS based on Linux that focuses on offering us a special Steam interface designed for this team, although it also gives us the possibility to “fiddle” outside of it and use other functions of the system.

Precisely thanks to this, from now on players who have Steam Deck will be able to enjoy their subscription to Game Pass, since Microsoft has published a new beta of the Edge browser for Linux that allows you to run the Xbox Cloud Gaming cloud gaming service and, with it, access the entire Game Pass library via streaming, something totally valid, especially for games for a turn-based role-playing player or strategy, for example.

In addition, Microsoft seems to be quite involved with Steam Deck, since it seems no coincidence that it released this beta of Edge on Linux right after the release of Valve’s “console” and even has a page dedicated to listing the games that have been released. specifically optimized for use with the Steam Deck which you can access by clicking click here.

Halo Infinite or Gears 5 are not supported by the anti-cheat system

Precisely in that list of Microsoft games optimized for Steam Deck we don’t find Gears 5 or Halo Infinite, and neither are Halo MCC or Microsoft Flight Simulator. These four games are not supported, at least for now, by the anti-cheat system since both Easy Anti-Cheat and BattlEye do not work on SteamOS at the moment, something that we hope can change in the future so that we can enjoy more of games on the Valve console.

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