Do you want the difficulty in Dark Souls to be more extreme? Try this mod so that there are always two bosses instead of one

One of the biggest tests by fire of any Dark Souls lies in the duel against a boss. And here we have experienced more than one memorable combat due to the great pattern of movements of these tough enemies and the little respite they usually give, especially when joined more than one boss at a time. On this, how to forget the encounter with Ornstein the Dragonslayer and Smough the Executioner?

So now imagine that any boss has an exact clone of himself before which you must face along with the original. In fact, any enemy in Dark Souls will have a double Therefore, the difficulty of the game is literally doubled.

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As extreme as it may seem at first (which it is), it doesn’t reach the impossible heights of the video from a few weeks ago with 99 bosses at once in Dark Souls III. In the case of the mod that places us now, baptized as “Double Trouble” and that is for download on PC at no additional cost, that the problems are duplicated does not mean that we are facing an impossible feat, since it has been proven that the game can be completed in this way. But of course, you have to try much harder.

For example, LilAggy’s game of which you can see an extract in the video above, after a broadcast of almost 16 hours. And logically she had to repeat many of the bosses as she had less reaction time. All crazy.

I didn’t even think about it, that hard enough was the first Dark Souls in certain sections. Even though yes, the bug bit me to replay itdespite the fact that he does not know how to stop playing Elden Ring until he squeezes it to 200%, which is eternal.

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