Blizzard confirms that Doomfist will be a tank in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 has gone from making absolutely no noise for years to generating a lot to talk about in recent weeks in which we have seen how one of its game modes is going to be present in the Overwatch League (the most important competition in the game). shooter) as well as registration for its closed beta has begun.

One of the rumors that were going around the net lately was that Doomfist, a popular character who performs the functions of DPS (who is mainly responsible for dealing damage to the enemy) in Overwatch, was going to change his role in Overwatch 2 to move on to Doomfist. being a tank, taking damage and helping his teammates to achieve the objectives of the game.

Now Blizzard has announced during a streaming official of the game that this rumor is true and that this character specialized in dealing punches left and right is going to adopt the function of a tank, following a trail of high mobility such as Winston or D.Va that will allow him to constantly enter and exit of combat and that, along with other abilities, will give good players a good chance of surviving combat if they use them well.

Aaron Keller, the current director of Overwatch 2has also assured that, as is logical, Doomfist will do much less damage when changing roles than he caused in Overwatch, although he has also commented that he is currently too powerful, so they will have to make a few adjustments to the character before launch from Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2 Beta Registration Now Open

Last Friday Blizzard announced the opening of registration for the closed beta of Overwatch 2 that you can sign up for by clicking this link and to have 4 new maps, redesigned heroes, a new hero named Sojourn and a new game mode, Advance, which is precisely the one that will be used in the Overwatch League.

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