Those that appear there are not giants, but windmills

Those that appear there are not giants, but windmills

The time has come to bring us here some of the best catches that you have made us reach our Discord server during the last seven days. In this case, the theme that we proposed was free.

We opened the article with the spectacular capture of Forza Horizon 4 that our reader sent us Chronos, an involuntary tribute (or not) to Miguel de Cervantes. She has been very cool.


The following image that we wanted to bring here is the work of JotaJotaBiker, a regular around here, and belongs to the wonderful Cyberpunk 2077. He himself has titled it “the crime scene.” Here it is:

Cyberpunk 2077

Finally we rescued the catch that he sent us JAER-27, in this case belonging to the fabulous Ori and the Will of The Wisps. He accompanied it with the following message with which we totally agree: “This game exudes love and dedication. It shows that they put a lot of effort into the graphics, the gameplay, the story. A real gem”:


And for this week: nature

Nature It was one of the first themes that we proposed in this section, back in May 2021, and we thought it would be nice to return to it, do you think? Well, come, to see those beautiful catches.

We remind you that they must be video game captures made by you inside the games, without spoilers and indicating the name of the game they belong to. If you can also accompany them with a comment of yours to give us some context about why you did it, how you did it or what you want to tell us about it, even better.

You can upload your best captures to our Discord server (Photo Mode channel) until next time friday march 25 if you want them to enter the candidates.

Thanks for participating!

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