The mix between Metroid and Dark Souls of Ghost Song will be released thanks to Humble Games… despite being funded on KickStarter in 2013!

Without a doubt, one of the most notorious delays on KickStarter, Ghost Song: A Journey of Hope it was one of the most important that was missing for sale. And we speak in the past since finally, thanks to Humble GamesIt will come out in 2022.

It has rained a lot since it was funded on KickStarter in 2013, drawing a lot of attention for that mix between Metroid and Dark Souls recognized by its own author, Matt White. It was undeniable when seen in motion, building on the core style of the Nintendo classic under the grim and demanding tone of FromSoftware’s oeuvre. But it seemed that it would never come to light so late

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Luckily, as we say, this will be history thanks to the recent confirmation by Humble Games regarding the games that it plans to release in the near future, such as the sequel to Monaco, Infinite Guitars, moonscars West Ghost Song, already without the filler “A Journey of Hope”. Now, Steam is now the only platform, from where you can check your file.

There is no more specific date than this 2022, but with Humble Games behind us we are already calmer. Another issue is that this tranquility turns into hostility when it comes to entering Lorian’s moon, the location where it is set. Ghost Song. And surely it will not make it easy for us to survive if we remember the dark souls influence within a Metroid-like world.

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