Steam Deck already has support with Xbox Cloud Gaming through Edge to play all Microsoft exclusives

With the release of the Steam Deck, several issues have arisen around the Steam Deck. Valve. Gabe Newell has already shown his enthusiasm for Xbox Game Pass to finally reach the digital store, while not all Xbox games microsoft are verified for the laptop.

Specifically we are talking about Gears 5, Halo Master Chief Collection, Halo Infinite and Microsoft Flight Simulator X. compatibility issues with anti-cheat software they are the origin, while others like Forza Horizon 5 or Sea of ​​Thieves are playable, but with certain barriers.

What is the verified Steam Deck and how to know which games are compatible with the Valve portable

Now through a reddit postMicrosoft has announced that it has worked closely with Valve to offer Xbox Cloud Gaming support via Microsoft Edge on Steam Deck. A very juicy option that is available to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers.

In case you want to try this way to play all the works of Microsoft Game Studios, you can follow the necessary steps to do it. In addition, this game path allows stick with SteamOS as operating system being based on Linux, which avoids us having to decide to install Windows or not on Steam Deck.

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