Everything we know about Path of Exile 2 in this new video

Anyone who has tasted the sweets of the addictive Path of Exile will be eagerly awaiting the launch of its new installment, one more and better with which Grinding Gear Games promises to grow the formula of the game. free-to-play original with improvements and ideas that for various reasons could not be introduced in the first game. We still don’t know exactly when Path of Exile 2 will arrive, but we do know a lot of information that we’ve gathered for you to check out in the new video you can watch below:

Path of Exile 2a great expansion for the first game

With this new project, Grinding Gear Games has come to show that it has earned a first-class niche in a genre hitherto led by the saga Devil, also ready to duel with Lost Ark, the success of the moment. We still have time to see it, since according to the studio’s forecasts, its first beta will arrive sometime in 2022, but regardless of when it comes out, it will break the molds of the previous installment to become bigger, but also more accessible, also taking advantage of the baggage acquired during the development of the first installment and the support of Tencent, which owns almost the entire study.

Path of Exile 2 It is scheduled for release on PC, PlayStation and Xbox. You can read our progress here.

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