The Super Mario song has official lyrics, and the story of how it was created is even more surprising

Most of us who live with video games on a daily basis are aware of the care that puts Nintendo in its products for many years. At this point, it no longer surprises anyone to see how they protect -overprotect, even- their characters and productions.

However, that was not always the case and the story that today serves as an example to demonstrate that other era is probably the biggest heated in the history of Nintendo. Something that, seen through the eyes of what the company is today, seems like science fiction.

Super Mario song lyrics

Do not despair if you have entered here just to know the official lyrics of the Super Mario song, you have it just below, but beware, if you arrive with the idea that you see someone sing Go Go Mario -That’s what it’s called the song with lyrics– It’s the craziest thing you’re going to see today, you’ll probably be surprised.

The video belongs to a concert that took place in 2003 and that somehow ended up as a promotional gift in the official GameCube magazine, but in reality the subject is several years older. In fact, he has as many as the video game that sparked his creation, by far the strangest he’s ever made. Nintendo on Super Mario.

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But let’s go by parts and start at the beginning. We are in 1986, and in Japan there is a very famous radio program that is broadcast at night called All Night Nippon. Despite still being broadcast to this day, at that time it was about to celebrate its 20th anniversary.

Fuji TVwhich owns the program and has a very good relationship with Nintendoasks the creators of Mario for a special collaboration: to create a video game in homage to the radio show.

A very exclusive gift that only true fans of Super Mario and All Night Nippon they can enjoy. To the surprise of anyone who knows how they spend it in the big N, Nintendo said yes.


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Be careful, you still expect a special edition with the cover changed or some cucamonada without too much weight. No, friend, no. It is difficult for me to find the exact word – without fail – to explain to what extent they sullied Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levelswith this particular version.

The first level was darkened as if it were night, the mushrooms became radio microphones, Peach put her hair up, the enemies were changed to characters from the show, the castle flag ditched its classic red star to show the FujiTV logo…

A mere graphic change that did not go beyond curiosity, but a very strange rarity that has little or nothing to do with the Nintendo overprotective that we all know today.

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The fact is that the curious version of the game became an object of desire for the Japanese public of the time and, with the intention of finding the biggest fan of Mariothe radio program pulled a contest in which the public had to put lyrics to the mythical main song of Koji Kondo.

The winning letter was so liked by Nintendo that a few months later he would release a vinyl with the sung theme, thus making it official that this would be the lyrics of the main theme of Super Mario. Since then they haven’t used it again except for very specific situations like the concert that we showed a few lines above, so maybe they regret it a little bit.

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