Starfield will have a persuasion minigame similar to Oblivion

During the latest Starfield development diary published by Bethesda, some of those responsible for the project shared news about the company’s long-awaited and ambitious new role-playing game: in addition to showing one of the companions for the first time and revealing new details of the system of factions, the video game directors talked about the dialogue and persuasion mechanics, which will apparently have a touch of the famous minigame of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

who have played The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion You will remember that when it came to persuading a character, a wheel was displayed with several options among which they had to choose to achieve an adequate percentage that would end up convincing the interlocutor. On Starfield That minigame will not be there as such, but I do know that they have been inspired by it to offer a deep dialogue system, as explained by those responsible for the game in the video that you can see below:

“Looks like you’re having a real conversation”

Design Director Emil Pagliarulo begins by explaining that in the early stages they knew they wanted to introduce some sort of persuasive minigame, and Will Shen, the lead designer of the missions, adds that they never specified that they wanted to improve or overhaul the game system. oblivion to update it, but finally the result is more or less similar to the 2006 game, although with an evolution that we will notice. Everyone stresses the importance of choices and the realism of the system, but project manager Todd Howard concludes that it’s the best dialogue system they’ve done so far because “it feels like you’re having a real conversation.”

Starfield arrive on November 11 on Xbox Series X / S and PC, being available from the first day on Xbox Game Pass.

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