Nintendo filed a patent earlier this year for what appears to be a new controller

Nintendo is one of those companies that has an eternal commitment to innovation in the world of video games, something that has been evident in recent years with its video game consoles, each one designed to offer a fresh and unique experience such as the stereoscopic 3D effect in Nintendo. 3DS or the hybrid format on Nintendo Switch. Related to this same topic, a Twitter user has discovered a patent made during the month of July of last year that seems to be an attempt by the Japanese company to launch a new controller on the market (via nintendo life).

WTF! I just found this patent made by Nintendo in January. Switch Pro Controller!? SillyTweet5 (@SillyTweet5) March 14, 2022

One of the most striking details of this discovery is that, although the patent was made in July 2021, it was officially public in January of this same year. Although we have some images as a concept of this control prototype, the truth is that the information that is known is somewhat scarce.

Details on command structure

We leave you with the official description of the patent: “A control that includes: a casing and an internal structural body housed inside the casing. The internal structural body includes at least: an internal frame that has an installation surface and an adjacent hole to the mounting surface; a battery that is housed in the recess of the inner frame and has a first surface that opposes a lower surface of the recess and a second surface on a side opposite that of the first surface; and a flexible substrate that is installed on the installation surface of the inner frame and includes a conductive pattern. The flexible substrate is arranged to cover at least a portion of the second surface of the battery housed in the well.” As with all patents, it may not become an actual product.

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