Rainbow Six Siege: Ubisoft could eliminate the Russians in protest of the war

Rainbow Six Siege could be the next video game directly affected by the armed conflict that Russia and Ukraine are currently experiencing. According to recent changes collected by the portal Siege.ggthe official Web of the title has omitted the biography of the Russian characters without prior notice, and therefore it is suspected that Ubisoft might be considering the idea of ​​​​completely eliminating the appearance of Russians in-game or, failing that, modify its contents as a form of protest against the war.

What happened to the Russians in Rainbow Six Siege?

In recent days, Rainbow Six Siege fans have seen a fairly significant change on the video game’s official website: Russian agents no longer have biographies or psychological reports on their individual files, as is the case with the rest of the characters from other games. nationalities. This is the case of characters such as fuze. A change that is quite shocking considering the current state of the war conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

Rainbow Six Siege - Biograph

On March 13, the user @ScriptLeaksR6 on Twitter, a well-known leaker within the Rainbow Six community, stated that Ubisoft is going to remove or modify the presence of Russians in the game, news of which the YouTube user Candy (shooter specialist) has echoed on his channel, as you can see below:

They wont be “removed” but I think their ctu/bio will be changed. Script (@ScriptLeaksR6) March 13, 2022

Curiously, Ubisoft has not made any official statement about these changes or their short-term plans, but the fact that they have modified the biographies of the Russian characters on the web has set off alarms among many players of the title. Does this mean that the company intends to delete everything that is directly related to Russia in the game? Even weapons or accessories of Russian manufacture and origin?

It is possible huh, the biographies of the Russian operators on the Ubisoft websites have disappeared pic.twitter.com/lHCpXY8Jme Rainbow6.es (@Rainbow6_es) March 13, 2022

There are many video game companies that these days have positioned themselves in the face of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, showing their support for Ukraine by sending humanitarian funds or vetoing their products to the country governed by Putin. EA Sports, for example, decided remove all russian footballers from fifa until new notice. Without going any further, Ubisoft at the end of last month stopped the sales of Rainbow Six Siege and many other titles of its creation in Russia (in addition to donate money to ukrainian families), so it would not be entirely unreasonable to think that the company could erase the Russians from the shooter.

In any case, it seems that this is not a decision that fans like too much since the majority who have left their comments on social networks consider that it would be an exaggerated move on the part of Ubisoft to eliminate the Russians in Rainbow Six. For now we do not know what the developer plans to do about it, but doubts are already in the air.

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