Elden Ring: Craft a controller out of bananas and defeat the Flying Dragon Agheel.

Elden Ring has already managed to sell a whopping 12 million copies internationally, a monstrous figure that has placed FromSoftware’s new open world as the best premiere of an original license in Europe since 2016. Considering the large number of players who have the title in their hands, the speedrun and the No-Hit Run have not been long in coming, although we cannot forget some very funny experiments such as the user who managed to defeat an optional boss with the special Ring Fit Adventure command. Within this last category we could put Super Louis 64, a player who has managed to defeat the flying Dragon Agheel with a command made up of bananas.

As explained from Kotaku, Super Louis 64 is a great fan of the strangest challenges related to the world of video games. His latest experiment has basically consisted of creating a controller whose buttons are made up of bananas. In this way, some essential actions of the game such as taking cover, hitting with a strong or weak attack, doing a cartwheel, jumping or running, have been assigned to a specific banana and are executed by pressing the bananas as if they were ordinary buttons. Certainly an imaginative experiment, though less comfortable than the DualSense.

Louis created his controller using an electronic kit known as the Makey Makey. To give you an idea, the Makey Makey can imitate the functions of a keyboard or a controller and allows us to connect certain conductive objects, such as bananas in this specific case. Louis’s creation is made up of a total of 11 bananas and, as we have highlighted before, each of them has a specific action associated with it. To mention some of them, we can find the “horse banana” for mounts, the “healing banana” to restore health or the “attack banana” to attack enemies.

Elden Ring Review and Guide

“One of the greatest adventures of our lives entering an unknown, hostile and fascinating universe that has made us fall in love. There are many good games, a multitude of jewels that have made us enjoy enormously and that have left us fully satisfied, but at the level of Elden RingWe can count them on the fingers of one hand. All an essential that no one should miss”, we commented in our analysis. Don’t forget to check out our comprehensive guide if you’re trying to get the most out of Hidetaka Miyazaki’s new masterpiece.

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