13 Video Games That Deserve a Sequel

In an ideal world, a game that was good would be recognized as such by everyone, and that would be reflected in its commercial performance, which might even warrant a sequel. Sadly, that’s not always the case. Sure, more often than not games get recognized for their qualities, but there are more than a few examples even of such games that failed to sell as much as they should have- and as such, faded into obscurity, never to be heard of again. Here, we’ll be talking about a few such underappreciated games that we really, really want to see sequels to.


There’s no denying that The Order: 1886 didn’t exactly do justice to its premise, but at the same time, this is the sort of premise that could really have come into its own if it had been given the chance to build on its foundation and learn from its mistakes. The 2015 title looked gorgeous and transported players to a vividly imaginative setting, and we would have loved to see that idea being expanded and built upon in a sequel that worked to address its predecessor’s issues.

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