The Most Bizarre Streamer Death Hoaxes Of All Time

Sometimes streamers have no say in whether or not they supposedly “die.” For example, a childish joke and the magic of the internet briefly killed Ninja back in 2018. According to The Sun, rumors that Ninja had been killed by the contagious disease “ligma” spread fast and far enough that even CBS News reported on them. 

If you haven’t heard of the disease, you aren’t alone — because it’s not real. It’s only the set-up for a crass joke: When people asked for further details on ligma — i.e., “What is ligma?” — the typical response was, “Ligma b***s.” When Ninja confirmed that he was alive for anyone who hadn’t yet gotten the hint, the meme world moved on to other ridiculous antics.

Polygon later caught up with Ninja_Hater, the poster credited with kicking off the “ligma” hoax, who said, “I personally like the joke and how it’s really kept the joke going, and even spread to other people.” Ninja_Hater had never expected that the joke would get quite as far as it did, or that it would be reported on by major news outlets. Within days, the joke he posted on Instagram made its way to Reddit, then YouTube, then all over the internet. Ninja survived, but the fake disease lives on. In fact, ligma has its very own subreddit now.

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