Is A.I. In Casinos The Next Solution For Problem Gambling?

Mindway AI’s system is, put simply, a way to assess whether someone is exhibiting signs indicative of problematic gambling. Results are presented as green, yellow, and red, with the latter of the three indicating intervention is necessary. Beyond that, artificial intelligence may be able to spot gamblers who are showing signs that they’re at risk of developing problematic behaviors before they cross all the way over into the danger zone. This could, ideally, result in someone getting help before they spend all of their money or resort to extreme measures to continue gambling.

The system has found use in both casinos and with online gambling companies, though the NYT reports that online platforms are the biggest customer at this time. Mindway AI’s website lists multiple products rooted in its science, including the self-assessment “Gamalyze,” the “GameChanger” resource for people who are experiencing problem gambling behaviors, and “GameScanner,” which analyzes a company’s customers to identify who may be problem gamblers. The company’s site claims GameScanner was able to identify 98% of the problem gamblers who were manually found by human experts, offering an “overall consistency” between man and machine of 93%.

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