The Worst Ways To Die In Elden Ring

Sometimes, the worst way to die in “Elden Ring” isn’t limited to the brutal deaths the player gets subjected to. In some cases, the timing of everything beautiful aligns and creates a death so insanely frustrating and inconveniencing, that you can’t help but laugh at the metaphorical pain and confusion the player must have felt in the aftermath. Enter this gem that was posted to the “Elden Ring” subreddit.

Having entered the Academy of Raya Lucaria, the player encounters an array of dangerous enemies all capable of doing immense damage. One such enemy is the Raya Lucaria Sorcerer, an enemy type that resembles the old Burger King mascot but from even worse nightmares than the one the original gave you. One of the Sorcerers’ weapons is a staff that emits some kind of magic ray, but they also possess a book-like weapon that will hit you so hard, the damage registered will sever one’s connection to the internet, apparently.

In this instance, the player avoided the staff attack, but then got hit in the head with a book so hard, their connection to PlayStation servers was lost. It’s just a case of dumb luck that the player was “bonked right out of the universe,” as one commenter put it, but the idea of being killed in-game while simultaneously being sent back to the console’s home menu is just pure fun.

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