The Only Games That Are More Perfect Than Elden Ring

While “Grand Theft Auto 5” has spanned generations of consoles, “Grand Theft Auto 4” achieved greatness first. With a Metacritic score of 98, it’s pretty close to perfect, while its successor was right behind it with a score of 97 to match “Elden Ring.”

“GTA 4” tells the story of Niko and Roman, two European brothers coming to America chasing after the American Dream. However, things are never as they seem, and the brothers find out quickly that Liberty City runs on money, which they don’t have to start with.

In a “GTA” Reddit thread, fans argued that “GTA 4” was so great for a variety of reasons, including fun physics and gameplay that doesn’t try too hard to be realistic — a problem that many claimed “GTA 5” had. Despite both games knocking their ratings out of the ballpark, it seemed like players enjoyed the feel of “GTA 4” over “GTA 5.”

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