Elden Ring Boss Guide: How to Beat Red Wolf of Radagon

The second major Legacy dungeon you are likely to take on in Elden Ring is Raya Lucaria Academy in the Liurnia of the Lakes region. This area is home to two mandatory bosses, one of which is Red Wolf of Radagon after the Schoolhouse Classroom Site of Grace. If you’re here, you’re wondering how to beat the Red Wolf of Radagon boss.

To even access the dungeon, though, you will need to find the Glintstone Key. If you don’t know where to find the item, you can consult our guide on where to find the Glintstone Key. Once you’ve obtained this item, you can progress through the dungeon as normal until you reach its first fog door, where Radagon is waiting to eviscerate you. 

How to Beat Red Wolf of Radagon in Elden Ring

The first thing to know about Red Wolf of Radagon is that they deal magic damage, both from their ranged spell attacks and melee swipes. You will want to equip any good armor you have with a high magic resistance stat. Just don’t forget to choose balanced gear, because the Red Wolf of Radagon does quite a hefty bit of damage up close. 

That’s where you’ll need to be, unfortunately, in order to be comfortable in this fight. Slashing and Thrusting damage are slightly advantageous here, so make sure to check your equipped weapon.

There is no NPC summon sign near the Red Wolf of Radagon’s fog door, but Spirit Summons can be used to draw the boss’s attention. The Lone Wolf Ashes are best for that. They likely won’t be leveled enough to deal significant damage to the boss, but you probably are. For more on how to upgrade Spirit Summons Ashes before this fight, head over here.

While there’s no NPC summon, The Red Wolf of Radagon fight is a great opportunity to use co-op summons in Elden Ring. Bringing a friend or trustworthy stranger into your game can make this one a breeze. 

Red Wolf of Radagon Attacks

Red Wolf of Radagon has melee and ranged attacks, all of which inflict magic damage. Luckily, the wolf doesn’t have the largest moveset — compared to some bosses this far into the game — so you can learn quickly. 

Attack 1: Snout Attack

The best way to describe this basic attack, which the Red Wolf of Radagon will sometimes sneak onto the end of a combo, is a snout attack. When they lunge forward with their nose, be sure to dodge backwards out of the way. The range on this attack, thankfully, is pretty short. 

Attack 2: Fire Blade

Red Wolf of Radagon will unleash multiple attack combos with their flame blades. This is one of the most basic and foundational of those moves. The Red Wolf of Radagon will perform a slow slash twice. This attack can be pretty easily blocked. 

Attack 3: Fire Blade Retreat

This move will begin similarly to the previous one. However, instead of a second swipe coming from the opposite side, the Red Wolf of Radagon will spin, causing damage if you are too close, and retreat to put distance between you. This is usually followed up by their ranged magic attack. 

Attack 4: Fire Blade Slam 

After their basic two-hit fire blade combo, Red Wolf of Radagon will sometimes leap up in the air. This means they are about to come down with a deadly sword slam. Make sure to back up by dodging or running back. 

Attack 5: Fire Blade Spin

The Red Wolf of Radagon will also do a forward-moving spinning strike. This can be blocked with enough endurance and poise. Thankfully, you can only be hit once by this attack despite it looking like it could easily combo you into oblivion. 

Attack 6: Magic Swords

For their one ranged attack, the Red Wolf of Radagon will summon magic bladed projectiles. They come your way pretty quick, so you are going to want to time your dodges well. They take a bit of time to come in through the portals, though, so make sure you don’t dodge too early. This attack will be varied up each time, but usually, you can expect to see a line of three swords spawn at once

Once you kill the Red Wolf of Radagon, you can now move forward to take on the main boss of the area and get your second Great Rune. For your trouble, the Red Wolf of Radagon will drop 14,000 Runes and a Memory Stone, which increases the number of spell slots you can use for incantations and sorceries. If you want to learn which spells are best to fill up that brand new slot, you can roll on over to our spells and incantations guide

And that’s how to beat Red Wolf of Radagon in Elden Ring. One good melee weapon to bring into this boss fight is the Uchigatana. If you don’t know where to find it, we’ve got a whole guide on that. And preferably, you’d want it leveled. Here’s how Smithing Stones works, as well as what you’ll need to buy Smithing Stones. Bookmark our Elden Ring guides hub for more.

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