Streamers That Leaked Personal Info Live On Stream

Jordie Jordan, better known as WingsofRedemption, used to be everywhere. Now he has a much smaller viewer base. On a side note, he tried to buy a Camaro. What does that have to do with him leaking info? He wanted to show viewers he was serious about the purchase, so he displayed the message he sent to the Camaro salesperson.

Unfortunately, the message included his phone number. This mistake led to some expected trolling during a Rainbow Six Siege session.

Shortly after accidentally exposing his number, WingsofRedemption’s phone started ringing off the hook in the middle of his stream. It didn’t help matters that his phone ring was set to a very loud, very urgent Metal Gear Solid codec sound. Each time it rang, he had to take a moment to either answer it or hang up, which severely hampered his ability to focus on the match.

WingsofRedemption’s temper flared the more he was called, and the more his temper flared, the more people called. Eventually, he put the stream on hiatus to deal with the calls and later returned to the session, unwilling to discuss the issue.

On the bright side, WingsofRedemption managed to head the problem off at the pass before it became unbearable.

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