Xbox Game Pass Kicks Off March 2022 With A Surprising Headliner

As outlined on Xbox Wire, the new additions actually kick off today with “Far: Changing Tides” on cloud, console, and PC, which is joined by a cloud version of “Microsoft Flight Simulator.” On Thursday, March 3, “Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII” (console and PC) will join the service. Once “Lightning Returns” has gone live, the entire “Final Fantasy XIII” trilogy will be available through Xbox Game Pass. So, if you didn’t get the chance to play these games when they first launched, you’ll be able to play through the whole trilogy from start to finish through Xbox Game Pass.

March 10 is the big day, because that’s when all the other games lined up for the first half of March will be added to Xbox Game Pass. In addition to “Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy” (cloud, console, and PC), we’ll also see “Kentucky Route Zero” (cloud, console, and PC), “Lawn Mowing Simulator” (Xbox One), and “Young Souls” (cloud, console, and PC).

It should be noted that “Far: Changing Tides” and “Young Souls” are both day-one additions to Xbox Game Pass, meaning they’re joining the service the same day they release. In addition, “Lawn Mowing Simulator” is already available on other platforms such as PC and Xbox Series X|S through Xbox Game Pass, so on March 10, we’ll just see the Xbox One version go live to round out all of the available platforms.

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