20 Best Strategy Board Games Of All Time Ranked

There is one board game that has proved so successful that practically everyone has heard of it. Britannica notes that “Monopoly,” which first launched in 1935, has become one of the best-selling board games ever. The original version, known as “The Landlord’s Game,” was meant to show the evils of property ownership and evolved into the modern-day version that players love today, per The Guardian. Today, Hasbro’s official site lists dozens of variants of “Monopoly,” including themed versions based on properties such as “Star Wars” and “Stranger Things,” meaning there’s a board for everyone.

Despite being a strategy game, there is quite a lot of luck needed when playing “Monopoly.” The dice rolls are hugely important to moving around the board and landing on the right properties, while random cards can greatly impact gameplay. Yet, there’s still plenty of planning and scheming available to players, and “Monopoly” is famous for the competitive nature it inspires in players. Few board games have ever reached the popularity of success of this fan-favorite, and it deserves its place in any strategy board game collection.

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