Meet Markiplier’s Girlfriend, Amy “Peebles” Nelson

Amy’s run her own Twitch channel in the past: PlanetPeebs. On her channel, she would sculpt her own pottery and even sell some of it. She’s extremely talented, and her latest custom collection featured a unique polka-dot design reminiscent of a circus tent or clown. She would also occasionally stream games, according to her Twitch About page.

She hasn’t streamed in over three years, but she’s gained 20,000 followers on her channel despite the lengthy break. Her VODs are also gone, but there’s plenty of compilations on YouTube that show off her livestream videos and her talents now that she doesn’t stream there. She’s also shown up on Markiplier’s live streams, too, of course.

According to her Instagram, Peebles seems to be leaning more heavily towards editing and working behind the scenes of the camera. She’s got multiple posts about her work, which may have called her away from her pottery.

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