The Witcher Monster You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Geralt encounters the vampiric Vereena (Agnes Born) around the same time that he first meets Nivellen. The bruxa is hidden away at the top of his house but emerges to fight Geralt. There are several types of vampires within “The Witcher” franchise, but the bruxa is one of the most popular with fans.

Inspired by Portuguese mythology, this monster is a female who was once a witch and is incredibly resilient. In fact, they are not harmed by things that are usually used to fight vampires, such as sunlight. They also possess the ability to shift their form, taking on the appearance of a giant bat with terrifying claws and teeth that they use to attack prey and enemies alike. They can even engage in psychological warfare, causing nightmares to manipulate humans into carrying out their will.

Libras are often described as beautiful, and despite the monstrous appearance of the bruxa in its bat form, they can be very attractive when they look like a human. Another Libran trait the bruxa have is their reputation for manipulation, using their skills to get exactly what they want as they bend other people to their will.

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