Lost Ark: Where to Farm Harmony Shards

In a wide-open MMORPG such as Lost Ark, there are plenty of secrets hidden around the world and loot to find. One of those different treasures that gamers can discover is Harmony Shards. Harmony Shards are incredibly useful towards the endgame since they are used to hone equipment in Lost Ark and raise the stats past their current item level. As of now, there are a couple of different ways players can grind for harmony shards. However, some methods are a little easier than others.

How to Find Harmony Shard in Lost Ark

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One of the best methods to get harmony shards is repeatedly doing the Chaos Dungeons in Lost Ark or The Tower. Both are unlockable post-game activities that players can acquire in Vern Castle and are an excellent way for players to start maxing out their full potential after beating the game. Once players have earned an appropriate amount of shards, talk to the NPC in Vern Castle marked with the grey hammer icon to hone the gear.

It is important to note that fans can only run Chaos Dungeons twice a day for each character they have. However, this is also a chance to collect harmony shards off defeated enemies on top of the reward for beating the dungeon. For the Tower, gamers have to reach the 50th floor, and the higher up they go, the better chance they get for shards dropping off enemies. Unlike the Chaos Dungeon, the Tower does not have a max daily amount of attempts, so fans can run this as many times as they like. Additionally, harmony shards can possibly be found from dismantling items. Right-click gear pieces in the inventory and hit the dismantle option to get materials back. It won’t happen every single time, but this is a suitable method if players have a ton of unused or duplicate gear.

Fans can also acquire harmony shards from the vendor for the Chaos Dungeon. After receiving Disorder Crystals from completed runs, talk to the NPC inside Vern Castle to complete those rewards into Harmony Shards. Lastly, players can earn shards as rewards from Abyssal and Guardian Raids. The more enemies gamers can defeat, the more shards are rewarded. Sadly, these require a stronger item level than Chaos Dungeons, so they are a little harder to do and will take longer. At a certain point, gamers will need to change tactics and hunt for Harmony Leapstones, but these methods are a great place to start.

Lost Ark is now available on PC via Steam.

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