Lost Ark: How to Use Ship Blueprints

Unlocking ships in Lost Ark is a vital part of the main questline. Ships allow you to travel around Arkesia and discover different regions to progress through the story and meet new characters. You can also upgrade your ships to sail faster and increase their resistance against various sea hazards. One material you need to upgrade your boats is Ship Blueprints. This guide will teach you how to upgrade your ship using Ship Blueprints in Lost Ark.

How to Use Ship Blueprints in Lost Ark

Lost Ark Ship Blueprints

Once you unlock ships in Lost Ark, you can upgrade them to increase your ship durability, sailing speed and hazardous waters resistance. In particular, increasing your resistance helps lower the durability loss from hazards such as sandstorms and tempests. It also helps with lowering the effects of kelp bed cold snap slowness.

To upgrade your ship, navigate to the main ship menu and press the Upgrade button in the top-right corner of your screen. You will find the level change, added abilities and the materials required to start the upgrade. Other upgrade materials you need for your ships include the following:

  • Basic and High-quality Timber
  • Normal Ship Parts Material
  • Uncommon Ship Parts Material
  • A secondary timber such as Bilbrin, Stern Enhanced, Lightweight or Voldis, depending on the ship

You do not need any Ship Blueprints for most level one to level two upgrades. However, future upgrades will require blueprints after reaching level two for your ship. For example, if you want to upgrade an Estoque, you will need ten Estoque blueprints to get a level three ship. Blueprints for other ships will not count.

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There are several different ways to obtain more ship blueprints. You can purchase them from Processor NPCs or use Pirate Coins to trade with merchant ships. Alternatively, you can find them in sunken treasures and ships.

Lost Ark is available exclusively on PC. For more information regarding the game and future updates, check out the official website.

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