Easter Eggs You Missed In Uncharted

Like cartoon characters, video game characters tend to wear the same outfits a lot. As such, most famous characters like Nathan Drake and the rest of the “Uncharted” gang have pretty memorable looks, and many of those are represented in the movie in one form or another. Holland’s version of Nate sports several different outfits throughout the film, and in the final battle aboard the flying ships he assembles a pretty spot-on replica of the character’s game look — khaki cargo pants, a dull white Henley shirt with the sleeves pushed up, a brown shoulder holster for his handgun, and of course, Sir Francis Drake’s ring on a string around his neck. The outfit is very accurate to the games, and it’s a fun way to represent Nate fully becoming the treasure hunter fans know him as.

Later on, in the film’s final post-credits scene, Nate also wears a white and red baseball shirt — another one of his classic looks from the games. And he isn’t the only one to get some Easter egg costumes, either. When Chloe first enters the story in Barcelona, she’s wearing a red outfit that’s very reminiscent of her look from “Uncharted 2.”

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