Is This A Terraria 2

This possible teaser for “Terraria 2” is a small one that’s easy to miss. If you visit Spinks’ Twitter account and look at his description, you’ll see that he has his location listed as “terraria 2 – a new age.” For the moment, at least, this is the only mention of “Terraria 2’s” existence, as the “Terraria” Forums were last updated on February 2 with the latest entry in the long-running Creation Compendium series. Likewise, the official “Terraria” Twitter account makes no mention of a sequel.

With no confirmation elsewhere, we’re essentially left to wonder if this is a legitimate tease or if it’s a case of Spinks having a bit of fun. It’s worth pointing out that “Terraria” received another update earlier this week, so if Spinks is working on a “Terraria” sequel with some of the team at Re-Logic, it doesn’t seem to be to the detriment of the original game.

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