The plans shown are traced to the video game!

25 seconds of footage. Despite the fact that we have been waiting for this moment since March 2020, the first official preview of The Last of Us, the HBO Max series, does not even reach half a minute. However, every shot chosen and every line of dialogue that appears in it is exactly what we wanted to see: Warner has set out to bring the game to the small screen, and what is shown is convincing.

As promised, The Last of Us series will adapt the events of the first video game to television format. Neil Druckman, one of the heads of both the series and the video game, has stated that some of his favorite episodes deviate a lot from the original story of the game. However, those 25 seconds shown continue to the letter and in a skipped way the video game. Something that was already advanced by the actors themselves.

And, for example, here is a comparison in which the GamexPlain channel organizes and puts The Last of Us television series face to face with the PS4 remaster. Sharing the dialogue lines of Joel and Ellie, the protagonists of both productions.

The differences? Ellie learns how to shoot with a pistol instead of a rifle and of course the look of the protagonists. Especially in the case of a Bella Ramsey (Lyanna Mormont in Game of Thrones) will play Ellie and the young Nico Parker, who will play Sarah Miller, the daughter of a Joel who will be played by none other than Pedro Pascal. But, to be honest, what made The Last of Us a masterpiece is already beginning to show.

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HBO Max takes advantage of the moment by showing off content

That this first advance has been shown is no coincidence: quite the opposite. Its broadcast coincided with the premiere of The House of the Dragonthe long-promised spin-off of Game of Thronesand on the eve of the release of The Last of Us Part I Remake, the definitive re-release for PS5 of one of the best games ever released by PlayStation Studios.

In any case, both Sony, HBO and Naughty Dog itself are offering dropper advances ahead of its premiere. The first official image of the protagonists was offered almost a year ago (at the end of September 2021), although we could not see the faces of Joel and Ellie characterized until June of this year. And that the filming of the first episode concluded at this time last year.

screenshot 197

From here the big question: when will we see a trailer again and when will the series premiere. For the first we have no answer, although with Gamescom looming we do not rule out seeing a more generous trailer for The Last of Us series imminently. Regarding his arrival at HBO Max, Casey Bloys, director of HBO content, assured in an interview in hollywoodreporter that the series, which will have ten episodes, will be ready to be broadcast in early 2023.

Coinciding with the promised arrival of The Last of Us Part I to PCs? Don’t dismiss it.

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