everything we know about the possible new open world mode

After a year to forget in the franchise, Activision knows that a large part of the future of the saga is at stake with the arrival of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Not only must they live up to the name, they also have to regain lost confidence based on shocking news.

Of all the back and forth that have come to our eyes in recent months, perhaps the most interesting of all is the possibility of taking advantage of that new sandbox mode officially confirmed to offer an Escape from Tarkov mode.

What we know about Escape from Tarkov mode in Modern Warfare 2

The success of Escape from Tarkov. Converted into a niche game due to the demanding nature of its proposal, the Battlestate Games game invites us to enter maps with extraction and looting points guarded by NPCs and other players in search of new weapons, resources, and equipment.

The key to the game and much of its success is that you must leave the area through an escape route in order to definitively win everything you have collected during the raid. If you die before that happens, you lose everything, both what you have collected and what you have chosen as equipment for that mission.

Escape from Tarkov in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. From the hand of a well-known leaker who has already uncovered novelties in the saga in the past, another of the possibilities of this new sandbox mode comes to light announced from their own Activision last February.

According to the few shared details, the mode would be called DMZ and would launch in beta mode alongside the campaign, traditional multiplayer, and the new Warzone. DMZ would offer a more tactical style of play and team loss as a penalty.


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This is not the first time that this has been discussed. the idea of ​​carrying Escape from Tarkov is not new, and presumably 2019’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare already had a version of this new mode in development during the early stages of its production.

As it would leak later, the idea would be abandoned at some point in development to focus on other elements of the game, which would have left a more or less solid base to work with for the sequel.

A logical move. The saga is in a delicate situation in which the loss of public interest during the last installment needs a revulsive capable of generating attention and trust. The entry into play of a sandbox mode in the Battle Royale It is the perfect excuse to link both experiences and motivate the purchase of the new game.

Doing it in the hands of Special Operations or a zombie mode that falls behind what Treyarch offers is far from being a sufficient excuse to win over that audience, but attacking directly with one of the most promising ideas of the genre in recent years well could be just what they need Modern Warfare 2.

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