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One Step enamels in one step

One Step is a one-step or 3-in-1 semi-permanent varnish (without base, top coat or cleanser) that lasts up to 15 days. They are ideal for those who like to do their manicure at home and do not want to waste time or use a lot of different products.

  • to safeguard in products for your manicure (3 in 1)
  • to safeguard weather since you only apply 2-3 coats of color.
  • He does not have scatter layer so you don’t need to use cleaner.
  • They last up to 15 days.
  • respect your natural nail
  • retires in 1 minute with magic remover.

What is a One Step varnish?

Nail polish a step They are formulated so that you only have to apply the color, they do not need a base or a top coat or of course a cleanser, they are glazes without a dispersion layer. In addition, this type of enamel respects your natural nail much more. You will notice it right away.

They are semi-permanent enamels that last up to two weeks, not as durable as other more professional ranges such as Nailistas permanent polish, but this way we can also change colors more frequently. Having the same color for an entire month can be very boring!

How is One Step used?

The use of these enamels is very easy, so they are ideal for beginners. For starters, we’ll be using far fewer products, and all of them are included in the Express Nail Kit.

  1. Prepare your nail: remove the cuticles and lightly file the surface. Leaves no skin residue.
  2. Apply a light coat of primer and let dry. The primer leaves a slightly shiny layer.
  3. Apply 2-3 coats of color and cure each coat for at least 30 seconds in an LED lamp. INTELLIGENT!

How to Remove Enamels One Step

One Step enamels are very easy to remove with the Nailistas Magic Remover. This product is a gel that literally melts polish in a minute. After filing the surface of the nail, the gel is applied and left to act for a minute. It is then removed with the stainless steel pusher. Super easy!

TIPS: A more sustainable step

Whether your nails are thin and flexible (which makes your manicures last less) or your nails are strong but you want them to last longer, you can use the following tips.

  1. Apply a dehydrator nails before priming.
  2. Apply rubber base before color.

Benefits of One Step Enamel

enamels a step They are designed for today’s woman who likes to do her nails at home without wasting a lot of time or having to use a lot of different products (base, top coat, cleanser, remover, discs, aluminum foil…etc. ).

Its formula is more respectful with the natural nail and can be removed very easily with the magic remover. Your nail will be as before the manicure.

The duration is prolongedup to 15 days (it will hold especially on strong nails).

With the Nailistas Express Kit you will have all the products you need to do a manicure at home in 10 minutes, without wasting any more time. To be able to change color whenever you want without damaging your nail.

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