15 nail trends 2022 | designs, shapes, colors – Nailistas — Nailistas

15 nail trends 2022 |  designs, shapes, colors – Nailistas — Nailistas

Nail Trends 2022

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We analyze the nail trends 2022 Do you want to know what will happen this year? Stick with us to watch them again because we’re sure the eighth one will surprise you.

Nail Trends 2022

We will continue to wear short nails and Natural with minimalist designs. In color on nudes and the Earth they face green neon and the lilac. There are many contrasts but also a mixture of styles as we will see.

Nail trends 2022 naturalNatural nails: @abigaichator | @chezcharlo | @barbrafeszyn

1. Natural nails

Sure, we love fancy long nails, but we can’t or don’t want to wear them all. Many of us opt for a style sober and minimalist and that is what is striking at the moment. Not only the colors are worn naked smooth and porcelain, but also very Natural with minimalist designs.

When it comes to length, short nails predominate, but long rounded ones also look very natural.

minimalist nail art trend Minimal nails: @tessa.lyn.nails | @glowbeautybath | @brushedbyleah_

2. Micro-designs: minimalist trend

Less is more, we’re sure. A detail as simple as a dot can give the perfect touch to a nude manicure. The heartsdots, lines corrugatedincluding some details with stonesThey are what is most popular in this style.

trends nail decoration foilsMinimalist nails: @monynails_ok | @annalya_ana_paval | @encantode_unas

Why not try a little more color and add a natural pattern, like a branch with leaves? We also like this more illustrative style which this year will be seen a lot in major salons.

nail trends 2022 wavesTrendy nails with waves: @embrace.nails | @vwnails_ | @illustrated_nails

nails with waves trends 2022Wavy nails: @monikagromkievicz18 | @amberjhnails | @vwnails_

3. Designs with waves

Another trend that comes from last year is the whirlwind (wave). definitely a star trend it can’t be missing, since it goes with everything. It can be minimalist or very flowery, with nude or summer colors. It looks great on both short and long nails and has a thousand variations.

French nail trends 2022 with colorFRENCH WITH COLOR: @nails_beautifful | @vwnails_ | @glowbeautybath

4. French with color

Gone is the traditional French, we’ve seen it so many times it bores us and now we’re looking for something bolder and colorist. On short or long nails, stiletto or coffin, microline or thick line, it always looks good.

2022 Baby Boomer TrendsBaby boomer: @nogtika.de_onlineshop | @saagasofias | @beautiful_and_varnished

5. The baby boomer gradient

This may be the latest version sophisticated of the French manicure, the same tones but blending into a gradient. There is something mesmerizing about it and that is why we all wish we had long nails to make that porcelain look dream come true one day.

Although this style has a very complex technique which is executed with acrylic, it can also be faked with permanent enamel. We leave you a tutorial to get a baby boomers without having to wear acrylic nails.

Stiletto Vs Coffin NailsCoffin vs. Stiletto: @nailsbyj03 | Rosalia x Rolling Stone Mx | @avrnailswatches

6. Stiletto Nails vs Coffin Nails

Long, pointed nails (stiletto) are already a institution but the shape of the coffin (the literal translation is coffin!! but they are called dancers in Spanish) sweeps away. Everyone has their own tastes and it’s good that there is a choice.

Rosalie She wears them super long and bare on the cover of Rolling Stone Mexico.

soft gel nails nail trends 2022Nailists Soft Gel Nails with Enamel Jaipur

7. The Soft Gel revolution: 2022 nail trends

First it was Acrylic, then Gel, later Polygel was born and now the soft gel revolutionizes the world of in-salon manicures.

But what is soft gel? it’s about advice thin and flexible that are made of real gel, not plastic like they used to be. They cover the entire nail and are placed with a special permanent base. They have great durability and appearance super natural. They are used to make extensions perfect faster. They are all the rage among Los Angeles celebrities.

2000s nail trends2000s Nail Trends

8. Flow 2000 Nails

They come back two thousand, you heard it right. There are those who say it was the worst period in design and fashion and they may be right. 😂, but the truth is that everything comes back. On the one hand, you have to think that he returns renewed, with another air. Certainly it is a risky bet, but clearly avant-garde.

They return the butterfliesstamping Chess, tribal, smileys and ying yang. It is not worth resisting.

black and white nail trends 2022Black and white nails: @vwnails_ | @mininaildiary

9. Black and White Nail Designs

Black is the undisputed king of nail design, along with its opposite, white. Although this 2022 will reign the elegance of black colorUndoubtedly, the black and white drawings will also be the protagonists.

What will be the colors of the 2022 nail trends in spring – summer?

As we know, nail trends go through the seasons and the same colors are not worn in summer as in winter. This year the lilac is king thanks to very perished from Pantonea blue with a purple tone and low saturation.

very perished nail polish

10. Pantone Color Year 2022 – Very Peri and its variations

We like the choice of Pantone of this year. It’s not a pure lilac but we know that the clichés go there. This year, bluish lilac, gray and grayish tones will be the protagonists, both in winter and in summer.

11. Baby Pink

The softest, most flattering pink. Baby pink tones are back for this summer, both to wear alone and to combine and create pretty patterns.

12. Greens

Neon greens and all-greens, especially the typical grassy green, will be seen on the boldest nails this summer. And not just on the nails. In fashion it is one of the revelation shades of 2022

What will be the colors of the 2022 nail trends in Autumn – Winter?

For winter we will opt for more discreet and warm tones. It will be very natural tones like ocher, brown gray, olive green. And of course the jellythat show the natural nail.

13. Gray Brown (Taupe or Taupe) and Earthy

If you like natural nails but with a touch of color, taupe is a beautiful, very discreet tone for winter days.

Oranges, ochres, earthy reds, are a trend that started a few years ago in Korea and is now spreading to the rest of the world. These are the colors that exist in nature.

14. Black: nail trends 2022

Sweep the nail polish all Black, both in the French style and in any type of decoration. Kathmandu permanent nail polish will be your ally for this season.

15. Porcelain

As a base for French manicures they are the undisputed king, but also as a base for any other minimalist design. try wearing these tones alone, you will see how beautiful they are. At Nailistas we have 3 shades.

Paris it’s the classic porcelain tone with a touch of pink, Tokyo band of beige and bari it has a rosier tone than Paris.

Tell us in the comments which are your favorite nail trends 2022 or the one you would never wear.

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